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Preventive medicine has evolved from communicable disease control to total risk management in healthcare. The risk in healthcare industry is not just limited to the patients but also to the patient care infrastructure and human resources. Failure of risk management in any of the these three areas can cripple any healthcare organization. A pandemic outbreak of a very communicable killer disease has the potential to cripple global economy as both patients and frontline providers experience high morbidity and mortality rates. Shortage of manpower and business closures to limit disease transmission ultimately lead to serious crippling political and socioeconomic problems. So, the preventive medicine practitioner now has the huge responsibility of managing money, men and materials like corporate chief executives in other industries. Healthcare consultants play a big role in helping onsite practice and facility mangers to cope with the rapidly evolving changes in the health services management and healthcare regulations.

Healthcare Organizational Development

Setting up a medical practice or a long term care facility from the scratch can be very intimidating. But with the help of Drotumdio consultants, the whole process can be broken down into manageable phases and stages. We first sit down with the investors or partners to hear exactly what they have in mind regarding their proposed facility. During strategic planning meetings, we ask about their goals and expectations for the facility, how big or small they want to start and where they see themselves in the next five to ten years.

We also ask about who they perceive as their competitors and how much of the niche market they intend to dominate eventually. We find out how they intend to source their capital for the entire project, and the projected startup capital. We look into how they intend to manage the organization in terms of chain of command, we ask them about their profit sharing or investment plan as well as their tax payment plans. At the end of this brainstorming meeting, we schedule follow-up meetings to review the policy documents we present to them based on the strategic planning meetings.

We present them a mission statement or slogan, a vision, and a goal statement. Once they have edited and approved the policy document, we proceed to long-term budget production to be reviewed at our next meeting. We basically attach numbers to the goals, objectives, and action plans. Based of the projected startup capital and capital sourcing costs, we begin to sort expenses into operating, non-operating, and capital expenses. We make a projections of break-even operating revenues, and use that to determine appropriate fees for services.

We then go ahead to figure out how many employees can be employed to generate the break-even revenue with a little profit margin in the first three to five years. When the stakeholders accept the proposed balance sheet for the first three to five years, they then have to appoint a chief execute officer to start implementing the agreed phases and steps. We visit the chief execute and project manager on monthly basis to keep track of the actual expenses in comparison to the budget projections.

This is where we make sure that the chief executive is applying reasonable budgetary controls to minimize wastes and risks. Once the infrastructure has been developed and the organization takes off, we switch over to the provider management mode.

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Healthcare Capital Finance Development

Drotumdio consultants will help startup healthcare providers to find inexpensive or interest-free start up capitals. For those already established, we help them manage their money market investments or source expansion capitals. We help healthcare providers to develop easily acceptable cash flow plans that show a well thought out business proposal to funding institutions. We also provide backup plans for addressing departures from annual projections.

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Healthcare Human Resources Development and Management

While the management of money, men, and materials has never been easy, the toughest aspect of business management is human resources management. It is even worse so in the healthcare industry with its heavy regulatory constraints. Drotumdio consultants have onsite experience in staffing healthcare facilities. We know firsthand, that it takes at least one month to properly replace a care provider even at the lowest level.

Even when a prospective employee is professionally qualified, the facility administrator or human resources manager, is required to do a state or nationwide background check in addition to DHS background check. To start training the new hire, pending the result of the background check, he/she has to be paired with another employee, at a time when the unit is already short-staffed. If the background check result is bad, the new hire is relieved of his/her duty on the spot, and the search for a replacement continues.

During this search period the marginally staffed facility remains out of regulatory compliance, and prays that nothing bad happens that make that a big issue. But Drotumdio consultants will not encourage marginal staffing. We look at the facility balance sheet and advise the administrator on how many employees the budget can carry and still break even. Usually that allows for up to 25% backup staffing. The surplus employees in one unit are cross-trained to worked in related units like pediatrics and obs/gyn.

This makes it easy to pull in a fully qualified and trained staff at short notice to fill in for sick or injured employee. On the job injury claims rank second to legal losses in healthcare facilities. As such risk management is a huge part of human resources management. This means that employees must be properly trained in ergonomics, which is knowing how to perform their jobs without injury. Employees must also be monitored to ensure that they are not taking unnecessary risks at work.

They must also know to report on the job injuries to their supervisors as soon they occur. Unit managers must be quick to report on the job injuries reported to them to human resource department. HR understands how best to deal with SAIF on workman compensation issues. Drotumdio consultants help onsite managers to properly manage this intricate area of their job.

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Healthcare IT Management

Managing IT in health facilities is a huge part of what we do to achieve regulatory compliance. Starting from secure telephone communication as appointments are made for provider visits to secure storage of the information gathered during the encounter and during treatment period, a lot of careful monitoring goes into making sure that the privacy of patients is not compromised.

Automatic systems are put in place to limit access to patient information to only specific providers who have professional need to know. Every possible effort is made to protect both personal and financial information of clients from being hacked through health facility websites. IT software and computers used in healthcare facilities are carefully disposed of to avoid inadvertent delivery of hard drives with vital patient information into the hands of cyber criminals.

We emphasize thorough IT training and retraining to ensure that professional staff who must use facility computers for their daily duties use them efficiently and securely.

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Provider Management

Drotumdio consultants have decades of experience in both acute and long-term care management. We bring this experience to bear when helping ailing health facilities to turn things around for good, especially close to annual facility re-certification government surveys. We step in as interim administrators or program managers, and review the operations of the facility from vision development to program evaluation.

We correct policy problems and performance issues and retrain employees to embrace a more efficient patient care processes. Over a two to three month period we inspect clinical and financial documentations to make sure they meet the government prescribed guidelines, drawing from our in-depth knowledge of US state and federal healthcare laws. We conduct mock surveys prior to government surveys, and correct any deficiencies.

We stick around and monitor the facilities activities until they successfully complete their annual surveys. Thereafter, we pay monthly visits and conduct random reviews of financial and clinical documents to make sure the facility is still in compliance.

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Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations Management

We help our clients with proper identification of their market niche and the best marketing tools to reach that niche market. We help create good looking websites. We also create the most effective ads on high traffic search engines like Google.

We then generate attractive web contents for specific niche markets to keep their customers engaged and eager to return for more information, products or services. We do the same thing we do with electronic social medial with their community and public relations to ensure name recognition and good will in the communities they serve.

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Healthcare Compliance Management and Monitoring

The healthcare industry is the second most heavily regulated in the US. Health services managers have had to go to jail for regulatory lapses not directly caused by them, but by employees under their supervision. Medical practices have had to fold because of overwhelming legal losses.

Virtually every aspect of healthcare provision has a legal component. Some healthcare facilities must have their entry doors open for 24 hours a day. Others must have it locked and coded at all times. The inside temperature must not exceed 70-72 degrees F. The current operating license of the facility must be displayed at the front lobby. The facility manager's license must also be displayed at the front lobby.

The food served to residents must be at a specified temperatures and prepared by cooks with specified qualifications. Employees must have specified qualifications and go through specified background checks. They must also have current CPR/First Aid certification, and complete specified number of continuing education classes every month. The patient DATA form for each resident must be properly completed and returned to CMS every month.

Patients must be educated about their rights, all healthcare workers are mandatory abuse reporters. Every shift in a long term care facility has a stipulated number of nurses and nurse aids that must be available for any given number of residents. The facility infrastructure must be ADA compliant and food storage and preparation area must meet stipulated guidelines. Maintenance records must be up to date.

Helping healthcare administrators and managers monitor these endless list of requirements is what consultants do. We have management facilities and we know where the shoe pinches most. We visit our clients' facilities monthly and independently monitor what is going on without drawing too much attention.

Employees usually tend to straighten up once they see the administrator coming. We do random sampling of financial and clinical documents to ensure that they are in compliance with government guide lines. We even sample residents' meals sometimes, to investigate complaints about meal quality.

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Healthcare Program Evaluation

Drotumdio consultants would normally establish concrete and measurable goals with time lines of where the organization should be at various points over a ten year period. Part of our compliance monitoring is to see that all the measurable goals are being reported and documented on a continuous basis. The chief executive should have an ongoing chart for tracking the numbers that come to his/her table.

Since facility census has a lot to do with meeting the revenue projections, most chief executive or chief finance officers will keep an ongoing chart of facility census in their offices, so as to get an early warning of a downtrend and investigate it. Risk management can also be a killer for any healthcare organization, from law suite payments to on the job injury claims. The CFO therefore keeps an eye how much is paid out monthly to legal fees and fines, as well as disability claims.

While monthly tracking of measurable goals and objectives, may be useful for financial and management controls, it is the yearly aggregates of the data that tells the stakeholders whether the vision of the organization is actually being followed. Significant disparities in projected vision and actual outcomes, usually call for strategic review and policy adjustments.

Where it becomes obvious that the existing infrastructure or the prevailing economic environment will not allow the organization to meet its vision and goals, the stakeholders, may decide to go into partnership with another organization for synergy or sell the company outright. Our consultants play a vital role in helping healthcare facilities take these crucial decision.

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Live Presentations

Drotumdio consultants are available for live presentations on some of the medical content articles by popular demand. If we receive so many requests for an article on a particular health - related subject, we go beyond article writing to organize seminars in the area with the greatest number of requests. The area could be here in the US or abroad. Dr. Omekara has been speaking at medical and healthcare conferences since his penultimate year in medical school.

As Medical students' Association president he presented a paper at the IFMSA international convention in Vienna Austria , that attracted a multinational IFMSA funded international medical students' summer school to UNTH in Nigeria. As Imo State Resident Doctors' Association Vice President his presentation to the Imo State governor's office led to the appointment of the first physician Chief Executive to head the Health Services Management Board. It also led to the creation of the Civil Service Staff Clinic, which he pioneered, to decongest the Owerri General Hospital.

He presented the welcome address as the pioneer Medical officer in charge of the clinic during the commissioning ceremony. At PCC Portland while on President`s List, he was nominated to give the "Thank you" speech at an annual scholarship donors` banquet. As a UPA Department Achievement Award recipient at Portland State University he also made "Thank you" comments. He is currently a member of the US Association of Health Care Journalists and the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs.

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