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Drotumdi O



Antioxidants, Acids, Alkali, And Cancer

drotumdioblogpostsOtumdi Omekara

In my previous articles on cancer, I did not discuss the role of acids, bases and antioxidants in detail. But with the current hype about the miraculous nature of basic water, antioxidant foods and drugs, I feel compelled to step in and set the records straight with currently available medical literature. The efficacy of organic acids, bases and antioxidants in cancer therapy is not a myth. It has biochemical basis informed by modern research. The apparent controversy surrounding this subject emanates from poor coordination of research findings.


I have read journal articles leaning heavily on either systemic hyperacidosis or hyperalkalosis as the dominant toxic factor in cancer development. I have also read articles claiming that cancer development is a normal adaptive response of human body. These claims are to say the least, half truths. By the end of this discussion it would have become obvious that there is no basis for undue generalizations in the management  of cancer. There still remains the need for expert judgement in formulating a cancer treatment protocol.




First, let me state that the human body will literally rust away like a nail left under the rain over time without inbuilt natural protective mechanisms.  To prevent rust or oxidation, most macromolecules